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Tui Na - Chinese Medical Massage

Tui Na (twee-nah) or Chinese medical massage is a therapeutic massage used for a myriad of health problems. It focuses on the same energy points and channels as those in acupuncture, but the hands and fingers take the place of needles. Referred to as acupressure in the West, Chinese medical massage is a method whereby a variety of touch is used by the practitioner to balance the Chi energy, vital substances, and the internal organs.

Stimulating the flow of blood and body fluids, Chinese medical massage releases blockages in these vital substances that would otherwise cause pain, swelling, toxic buildup and other health symptoms. A holistic treatment, Chinese medical massage treats the mind through the body as a whole. Tui Na allows persons to achieve deep relaxation on a physical and mental plane, thus allowing vitality and overall well-being.

A form of self-healing therapy, Chinese medical massage is beneficial to almost anyone. It is effective for musculoskeletal pain, headaches, stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, weakened immune systems, digestive problems, female problems, and for stroke patients. In general, it is a helpful remedy for those seeking whole-body wellness.