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Four and a half years ago I was experiencing constant and sometimes debilitating pain in my jaw. So many of the things that bring me joy: smiling, laughing, eating, talking, and singing had become sources of discomfort. I knew surgery would be imminent, but I didn't know what I could do in the meantime to continue to work as an actor and function well in every day life.  

One day I ran into a friend who was fresh from an acupuncture visit. She was in a floaty, serene state. I asked her if she thought I was a good candidate for acupuncture and she practically insisted that I see her healer named Sabbath. The idea of being stuck by needles gave me pause, but the moment I met Sabbath, my fear left me and I felt completely safe.

Sabbath is one of the warmest and wisest, most empathic, intuitive, nurturing, and truly delightful humans I have ever met. What's more, she revealed all of these things upon our first meeting. I remember leaving that first session and feeling the same floaty serenity I had observed in my friend; I knew I had discovered something--someONE extraordinary.

Sabbath got me through jaw surgery; I honestly can't imagine having done it without her. In the four years that have passed, she has been a savior to me in so many ways. Acupuncture is now the first place I turn when my body rebels with any incident, illness, or injury. Sabbath always provides a safe, sacred place for me to be. In any emotional or physical state, I can lie on her table and know that I am in the very best of hands and that the kindest of souls is guiding my body to heal itself.

- Dani Marcus


I am so grateful to have found Sabbath. She is truly a healer with a special gift ! As a professional Broadway performer she has eased my aches from dancing and de-stressed an overworked body. More importantly she has helped me pre-pregnancy and now through pregnancy. I don't know what I would do without her! She is THE BEST!!!!

-Jessica McRoberts


Amazing, caring, insightful, competent, and compassionate come to mind when describing Sabbath Rupert, my acupuncturist for the last 8 years.  Sabbath has successfully treated countless injuries and ailments including a herniated disk, torn MCL, high ankle sprain, and high blood pressure to name just a few of the health concerns I have presented over the years.  For all of the maladies that I have had, Sabbath has successfully treated, remediated, or healed all of them.  Every condition has improved dramatically and even some chronic conditions such as bursitis have gone away, never to return.  Over the years, I have recommended several friends and colleagues to Sabbath.  They have all had the same positive experiences including my best friend who struggled with infertility and became pregnant with my godson after being treated by Sabbath.  Sabbath views you as a whole patient and takes into account your overall well-being.  This deep interaction takes time and Sabbath is willing to devote that time to each and every patient she sees every time she treats you; her patience is unparalleled.  Sabbath is willing to try different techniques such as cupping and electronic stimulation in conjunction with acupuncture to ensure the best outcomes and most effective treatment for her patients.  I highly recommend Sabbath and I am profoundly grateful for the significant and positive effect she has had on my health over the last 8 years.

-Shannon Lynch

 I have had numerous sessions with Sabbath, and in each one I have felt comfortable and in good hands with her. She explains everything clearly from acupuncture to herbal medicine, and has a careful, expert touch.  Sabbath makes you feel at home, at once warm and wise in her manner and precise in her practice. And beyond all that, she is just a lovely person. I would not go see anyone else for acupuncture, and I look forward to going back soon.

-Eric Ogden

When I first met Sabbath 3 years ago I was mentally and physically in the throws of a deep mourning. I was incredibly blocked and locked with physical ailments. From the very first time I saw her inner beauty, strength and calm I knew I was in the right hands. With her healing hands, gentle touch and herbal medications she has guided me to a happier and healthier life. I am so grateful to have found her.....

—Bill Hutton, Actor/Singer

I have suffered for four years with chronic stomach problems which suddenly became completely debilitating in June 2014.  Nearly a dozen doctors and endless medical tests have never given me a diagnosis.  Numerous diets, antibiotics and palliative medications did almost nothing to improve my condition. I found myself working from home full time because I was incapable of leaving the house on most days, and I was feeling scared and hopeless.  A friend suggested I try Chinese Medicine and referred me to Sabbath. I didn't know anything about Chinese Medicine and at the time I was skeptical - but I also thought it couldn't hurt, and I was willing to try anything.

Now, 8 weeks later, Sabbath has completely transformed my life.  I've stopped losing weight, all of my symptoms have improved (in many cases drastically) and I have returned to working in the office. Most importantly, my quality of life has increased ten-fold, and every 1-2 weeks I see additional improvement. I don't believe the effects are psychosomatic - after all the treatments I've tried, if the placebo effect were going to work, it would have kicked in many months before I met her. Chinese Medicine is real, based on scientific principles, and Sabbath is as knowledgeable, respectful, considerate and caring a practitioner as they come. Her bedside manner is excellent. She always takes the time to sincerely listen to me and respects both my symptoms and my emotions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Meghan Bridges-Felder