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Studies on Meditation

Meditation effects are Real, Measurable and Profound! 
Scientific research into the effects of meditation spans 50 years and thousands of studies from universities including Harvard, Cambridge and Yale. Research on the effects of meditation on stress, crime, violence, political decision making and even war all indicate that the changes in local and global consciousness are real, measurable, and profound.

Research from USA Department of Justice puts violent crime at a cost of $420 billion dollars per year in the USA.* 
The effect of mass meditation on this cost has been shown in studies in Washington DC, and Liverpool England to reduce crime in the local region of the meditators by up to 20%.


The average minute of meditation is calculated to save $.20 cents per minute.
That minute reduces crime by 0.00015 of a violent crime!
We are affecting the people around us, and also around the world!
Every second counts!


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** text and studies from Minute4Peace.