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Traditional Chinese herbs are a safe and effective way to treat many imbalances in the body

when prescribed by a licensed herbal practitioner. Many people are skeptical of what these 

herbs are and how safe they are to take. In the past it may have been more difficult to confirm 

the safety of herbs, but today, there are excellent sources for safe and effective herbal 

remedies. Many of the formulas that serve as a foundation for current treatments have been 

used for over a thousand years. In that time, the depth of understanding we possess of the effectiveness of

substances found in the natural world to treat disease has become vast. 


One of the most intriguing aspects of Chinese medicine is its approach to disease. The 

diagnostic model allows the practitioner to adapt treatment to the disease as it 

changes. That may sound simple enough, but it is profound. This means that as your health 

improves, I can adjust your herbal formula accordingly. In this way we can gently and effectively 

help your body return to a balanced state.